Childhood Memories by Damaso

Retro Gaming – Childhood Memories by Damaso for RPi 4

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In my ongoing pursuit of retro gaming content to share with you guys, I found “Childhood Memories” by Damaso.

It’s a RetroPie spin off very similar to what I showed in my recent Supreme Duo video ( It’s an unofficial RetroPie build that has a very unique and engaging interface. Each emulator has its own background to help give the nostalgic feeling of that console.

“Childhood Memories” has a LOT of emulators and games built into the download. There are more than 30 emulators and more than 1500 games available in the download, which is large. Very Large. The download is about 60GB in total, so you’ll need a 64GB micro SD card to get this running on your Raspberry Pi 4.

While there is no N64 games that come with this build, I think that was done deliberately as N64 games don’t always run well on Raspberry Pi devices and I think the developers wanted to focus on a smooth experience rather than trying to include games that wouldn’t run well.

In this video I look at several games from several different emulators and the experience was better than expected. I didn’t experience any lag or stuttering in any of the games, though I did get some sound delay that I’m 99% sure was because of my capture card. I say this because I didn’t experience any of this while I had the RPi hooked directly to a monitor.

Download Childhood Memories

I found this download over at the Arcade Punks website. If you want to download this (or other emulator packages) check out this link:


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Music: Mega Man II – Chrono Funk (Flash Man)
Artist: Audio Sprite


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