Overkill Retro Gaming PC

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After building new PCs for me and my wife, we decided to combine the old parts together to make a Retro Gaming PC. We had all the parts we needed with the exception of a PC case. So I reached out to Gamdias and they hooked me up with their TALOS P1 case. My case has 2 fan controllers to … Read More

How To Install ElementaryOS In VirtualBox

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ElementaryOS on VirtualBox is a video that I’ve been wanting to make for a while and have FINALLY gotten around to. The thing I like initially about ElementaryOS is that it has a very clean aesthetic and looks like Mac OS. Overall, ElementaryOS seems to be lightweight and snappy. What I’m Running I’m running Windows 10 and have Oracle VM … Read More

The Gevi Coffee Pot Is My FAVORITE

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This is the second coffee pot that I’ve reviewed on this channel and I’m SUPER impressed with the Gevi Coffee Pot. While the Gevi is only a 10 cup coffee pot instead of a 12 cup coffee pot, that’s okay because it’s SO fast that if you need to make another pot, it only takes just a few minutes. Seriously. … Read More

RAVPower RP-PB006 Battery Bank

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The RAVPower RP-PB006 is a 20,000mAh pack with 2 smart plugs that provide up to 2.4 amps each or up to 3.4 amps max. It’s got lights on the side to show you approximately how much power is left in the batteries and it comes with a pretty nice carrying bag to keep it from getting scratched and scuffed in … Read More

6,000 Subscriber Milestone

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  Achievement unlocked! Today just before 4:30pm Mountain Time (I’m not sure if it’s daylight savings or not), you amazing people (or whatever you identify as) got the DB Tech YouTube channel to 6,000 subscribers!! This blog post is mostly meant to be for sentimental reasons as something that I, and we, can look back on in the future and … Read More

Turn off ANY TV with a TV B Gone!

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Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’ve got a neighbor who lives across the street from me and likes to scream at her TV until 11 o’clock at night when football season is going on. Let’s say you’re going out to dinner and some jagoff has cranked the TV in the restaurant up so they can hear whatever sportsball show is on. … Read More

6k Subs Milestone Announcement!

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A while back I asked you guys on my Community Tab what kinds of things you’d be interested in seeing on here. 48% of you asked for a DB Tech Discord server 17% asked for livestreams 14% asked for gorums on my website 14% asked for something else 7% asked for merch At the time of recording this, I have … Read More