How To Install POP!_OS On VirtualBox

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To continue the software series of videos, I want to take a look at how to install POP!_OS on VirtualBox. POP!_OS is a SUPER clean Linux distribution that is a bit system-intense, but it’s super friendly and easy to use. System76 explains the operating system better than I can, so here’s what they have to say about POP!_OS: “We believe … Read More

Best Headphones Under $100 – Mixcder E9

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The Mixcder E9 headphones are easily the best headphones under $100. The folks over at Mixcder reached out to me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing their E9 over-ear noise cancelling headphones. I’ve been using them for a month now and I’m in love. The construction quality of the Mixcder E9 headphones is great and their understated aesthetic … Read More

Forget Discord and Setup Your Own Chat Server

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Getting Started To get started with your own chat server, you’ll need a few things: A domain name A DigitalOcean account Putty Desktop Application Setup First, you’ll want to setup the Digital Ocean droplet with the following settings: – Ubuntu (whatever the most recent version is) – Standard Plan – Choose the Billing/CPU/RAM/Storage settings that fit your needs – Backups … Read More

Tonor Condenser Microphone Kit Review

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The Tonor Condenser Microphone Kit is a great, affordable way to make your videos sound better! The Tonor Condenser Microphone Kit includes a microphone, a scissor arm stand, a shock mount, a pop filter, and a foam cover. The Tonor Condenser Microphone Kit can be plugged directly into the microphone jack on your computer and will work, but to get … Read More

How To Install Gitlab On Ubuntu 16.04

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As a website or app developer, you’ll want to use some sort of code repository and versioning system to help keep your life a little more sane while you’re developing. In this video I’ll show you how to install GitLab 11.0.3-ee on a virtualized Ubuntu 16.04 setup. While installing GitLab on Ubuntu isn’t terribly difficult, it IS a bit time … Read More

Virtualize Kali Linux the Easy Way

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Since there have been a fair number of people having issues with getting Kali Linux setup on VirtualBox, I decided to make another video showing a MUCH easier way to get up and running with Kali Linux on VirtualBox. The default username is: root The default password is: toor I’m running Windows 10 and have Oracle VM Virtual Box installed … Read More