Nubwo N13 Gaming Headset

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Nubwo N13 Gaming Headset

The Nubwo N13 Gaming headset features 2 50mm drivers for clean sound for everything from gaming to watching videos or listening to music. They have a frequency range of 20-20k Hz with a sensitivity of about 95dB. Because of the large diaphragm size of the drivers, bass is punchy without being overkill. The Nubwo N13 head strap has a nice … Read More

Create Your Own Streamdeck for FREE

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In this video I’ll show you how to create your own Streamdeck for FREE. While Streamdecks are great at what they do, they are expensive when you’re just getting started in streaming. If you’ve got a phone or tablet that you can install an app on, you’re basically set to go. You’ll just install a couple of programs on your … Read More