NGINX Proxy Manager in OpenMediaVault and Docker

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Install NGINX Proxy Manager in OMV and Docker

In this post we’ll look at How to Install NGINX Proxy Manager on OMV and Docker.

NGINX Proxy Manager lets you Expose web services on your network. Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt. Designed with security in mind. Perfect for home networks.

More info about the proxy manager here.

This proxy manager works a lot like Traefik, but is MUCH easier to setup and manage. In the video we set it up using a script we already had installed, but if you don’t have it installed, you can use the Stack below.

NGINX Proxy Manager Stack

version: "2"
    image: jlesage/nginx-proxy-manager
    container_name: nginx-proxy-manager
      - /docker/appdata/nginx-proxy-manager:/config:rw
    restart: unless-stopped

Original source here.

That’s it. Once you’ve got it deployed, you can start adding URLs and pointing them to your different containers based on the port number of the installed application.


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