Docker & Docker Compose: Quick & Easy Install on Linux!

In Docker by dbtech

Want to unleash the containerization magic of Docker and Docker Compose on your Linux server? Skip the lengthy list of commands needed to get everything installed. This guide offers a smooth, efficient installation process for both root and non-root users.

There are a couple of different methods included in this tutorial, but the process is identical for each method. A link to my Github repository with more information is linked at the bottom of this page.

Pick Your Path:

Root Method: Clone the dockerinstall.git repo, make executable, and run ./ That’s it! The script handles everything – sudo, curl, Docker, Docker Compose – leaving your server container-ready.

No Root Required: Prefer not to use root when administering your server? Try While limitations might exist depending on your system, it’s a solid root-free option.

Behind the Scenes:

If you’d more detailed information about how the install scripts work, you can head over to the explanation at the bottom of the repository page:

Friendly Reminders:

This guide works best on Debian-based Linux systems. Other flavors might require a few tweaks.

Always be cautious online: Read any script before running it, especially downloads from unknown sources.

More Info:

If you want to check out my Github repository, you can head over here for more information:

And if you want to check out more details on Dashdot, you can go here:

While I didn’t show it in the video, there are additional configuration options that you can find in there docs: