Hi! Thanks For Stopping By!

Running a YouTube channel takes time and money. While you can't help me with managing my time, you might be able to help me with the money aspect of things, if you're so inclined that is.

Below are a few different ways you can help the channel and, with a couple of them, you can even get something for yourself!

PayPal and Ko-fi both let you contribute to the channel directly.

With Patreon, you can donate to the channel, but also gain access to a members-only Discord server.

With Amazon and the Merch link, you can help the channel by buying something for yourself and I'll get a little kickback from your purchase.

While I don't expect anyone to do anything with this page, it would help me out a ton with the channel and would mean a lot to me personally.

Thanks for taking a look!

Ways to Help!

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