The Best In-Ear Monitors – Degauss Labs | 12 Drivers

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I received the best in-ear monitors I’ve ever heard in my life from Degauss Labs recently. These are called the “12 Drivers” and for good reason. Each earbud has *SIX* individual drivers in it.

Each pair (highs, mids, and lows) are setup with crossovers so that each speaker can handle its frequency range without compromise.

They come with 2 different styles of ear tips: Standard rubber and memory foam and each style of ear tip comes in multiple sizes.

They also come with 2 sets of cables. One set it great for using with your cell phone or tablet and has a 3 button remote and microphone. The other cable loses the extras, but requires a bit more power to push them, so you’ll want a desktop headphone amp or something with a decent amount of power to use it.

Check them out!

Thanks a ton to the folks over at Degauss Labs for sending these over and letting me share them with my audience!

(also, yeah, I know. I forgot to put music in the end-screen.)


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