Review: Pixel WM-10 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit

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I decided to pick up the Pixel WM-10 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit from Amazon to add another tool to my kit for recording.

The kit comes in a sturdy, hard-shell briefcase that feels pretty durable.

When you first open the case, you’ll be greeted with a thank you card, a quick start guide, and the instruction manual.

In the accessory kit:

  • 2 x Dead cats windscreens
  • 2 x Foam windscreens
  • 2 x lav mics with the alligator clips and cables to plug into the transmitters
  • 1 x 3.5mm to xlr cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm male to male cable
  • 1 x Receiver to mobile adapter
  • 2 x Receiver antennas
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 2 x Transmitters

The accessory kit box is a light paper-board that I feel like will wear out quickly. I wish they had put something stronger in there for the accessories and their safe storage.

More Detail

The receiver has 50 channels to choose from for the best audio and least amount of interference from other devices.

It also has the option to have the 2 microphones setup as mono (Mix) or stereo (ST) depending on how you want to handle you audio. If you set them in mono, both mics will be on one mono channel and there’s no adjustment later if one is louder than the other whereas if you set it up to be in stereo, one mic pack will be the left channel and the other mic pack will be the right channel. This can make editing audio later on much easier.

There is also a line out from the receiver to connect to your recording device as well as a headphone out for real-time monitoring of the audio as it’s being recorded.

These are the 2 wireless mic packs. The mic packs are pretty standard in the way they look and function, but I like that if you tap the power button while the mic pack is on, it will mute the microphone and the green light will turn red. You can tap the power button again to unmute the mic.

Each of the mic and receiver packs can be controlled via 2 AA batteries OR a micro USB cable.

The receiver has a line out to attach to your recording device and has a headphone pass-through for real-time audio level monitoring. You can also record in stereo or mixed mode. If you record in stereo mode, the transmitter labled “A” will be the left channel and the transmitter labled “B” will be the right channel.

The audio is a bit flat, but that can be easily fixed with a bit of EQ either in real time or in post production depending on your setup.

Overall I’m really happy with the WM-10 setup!

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