Get MORE Out Of Your YouTube Channel With Talentsy!

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I recently signed up for a service called Talentsy and I wanted to share why I did it!

By becoming a Talentsy Creator, you will get immediate access to valuable optimization tools, licensing, creative services, apps, and even a dedicated YouTube Certified team that will help you in your quest to make it big on YouTube. Join today, start your journey, and we will be behind you every step of the way.

Talentsy offers the creation of thumbnails, banners, end-slate cards, and even custom illustrations are now available on-demand directly from us, straight to your inbox. Just fill out their form and get graphics from them at no additional charge!

You’ll also get access to Talentsy‘s own set of SEO and video meta tools, as well as free licensing to TubeBuddy Pro with all expenses paid by us as part of a Talentsy-exclusive sponsorship. You can save time, get more views, and find potential viewers you never even knew were out there.

More than all that, you’ll enjoy a free “Epic” license to Epidemic Sound’s huge royalty-free library of over 30K tracks and sound FX, all expenses paid by Talentsy. On top of that, you will receive access to our evergrowing pool of sponsorships and moneymakers to build new revenue streams.


Let’s quickly highlight some of the key features we have to offer with our $7.99 Talentsy Creator Program versus what they would cost as standalone services:

  • Epidemic Sound: up to $150 per month depending on channel size
  • Custom illustration and graphic art: $50 to $200 per piece and upwards for top-tier quality pieces
  • TubeBuddy Pro: $10 per month
  • Channel consultations: Industry average right now, according to SocialBlade, is $200 per hour
  • YouTube technical support: $5 to $10 per hour on Fiverr (which definitely lacks in quality of service) as an average.

Not sold on joining the Talentsy fam yet? Well, you might as well go and buy a Big Mac meal. After all, it’s the same price.

Click here to get started!