The Gevi Coffee Pot Is My FAVORITE

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This is the second coffee pot that I’ve reviewed on this channel and I’m SUPER impressed with the Gevi Coffee Pot.

While the Gevi is only a 10 cup coffee pot instead of a 12 cup coffee pot, that’s okay because it’s SO fast that if you need to make another pot, it only takes just a few minutes. Seriously. Less than 6 minutes for a full pot of coffee.

I love the simple, modern look to it and I love how simple it is to use.

There are no frills or gimmicks on this coffee pot. No clocks or timers to set, just pour in your water, put some coffee grounds in and press the power button. In just a few minutes, the coffee is ready and it’s HOT at somewhere between 198° and 204° Fahrenheit.

What makes the Gevi coffee pot even better is that it stays on for an impressive 2 hours. That’s TWICE as long as some other coffee pots I’ve had.

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