Overkill Retro Gaming PC

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After building new PCs for me and my wife, we decided to combine the old parts together to make a Retro Gaming PC.

We had all the parts we needed with the exception of a PC case. So I reached out to Gamdias and they hooked me up with their TALOS P1 case.

My case has 2 fan controllers to handle the 7 RGB 1200 RPM fans and the side panel LED strips.

The sides, top, and front all have tempered glass for a VERY clean look. The top and front have a cool angular design cut into the glass and deep recesses behind the glass to make sure that airflow isn’t restricted at all.

The case has a power supply shroud with a built-in hard drive cage (that I took out for additional cable management purposes.

Overall, the Talos P1 case is super easy to build in and I would easily suggest it to anyone looking for a clean, unique-looking case for their next build.

Here’s a link to the Gamdias site to see more about the case: https://www.gamdias.com/component/index.php/home-7/talos-p1

Buy the Talos P1 on Amazon (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2LzuAiR

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