Giandel 300W Power Inverter

Giandel 300W Power Inverter Review

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With the Giandel 300W Power Inverter I was able to power/charge a Chromebook and a cell phone at the same time and it wasn’t enough of a draw on the device to even turn on the fans. As a result, its operation was completely silent!

The inverter has about a 2 feet (.6 meters) wire to plug it into a 12v plug in your car. It comes with a carrying bag and 2 extra 35amp fuses.

The way the Giandel 300W Power Inverter is built, it manages to clean the 12v power from your car into a Sine wave power signal that is smoother and more efficient for devices to use and, as a result, devices end up not heating up as much as inverters that use a block wave power delivery.

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