BEST PTZ Camera Review with Digital Zoom

BEST PTZ Camera Review with Digital Zoom

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When you’re looking for a surveillance camera, something to consider is PTZ or Pan, Tilt, Zoom.

The majority of surveillance cameras out there are not only stationary, but also only capture one field of view. The nice thing about the Kittyhok PTZ camera is that it has 260° pan (left and right) and 60° tilt (up and down).

To go along with the Kittyhok PTZ camera’s ability to cover a wide area, it also has 2-way communication so you can talk to people through the camera and they can talk to you.

The Kittyhok camera also has infrared lights on it to light up night time scenes without lighting up the area being recorded. But, if you want to light up the area, you can turn on the flood lights and get your night time footage in color!

The camera is 1080p instead of the more traditional 960p of a lot of surveillance cameras. What’s more, the Kittyhok PTZ camera is weatherproof with an IP66 rating.

There is a mobile app to allow you to view the camera when you are at home or even away from home. The nice thing is that there is no messy network setup to make it work while away from home. Just open the app and connect to your camera.

While this camera only has digital zoom options, there is another camera with 4x optical zoom.

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