Gaming on Adder WS

Gaming on a System76 Adder WS Workstation Laptop?!

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Thanks to System76 for giving me the chance to check out one of their Adder WS (workstation) laptops for the past few week.

In a previous video I talked about the laptop and went over the specs:

The scope of this video is to show what it’s like to run Windows 10 on an Adder WS and stress test it a bit with a game like WatchDogs 2 and a program like 3D Mark.

Adder WS Gaming

Running WatchDogs 2 at 4k Ultra settings was buttery smooth and it managed to maintain 40-60fps. No lag or stutters at all. I experienced the same when stressing the machine with 3D Mark. What I can say, though, is that they BOTH really pushed the fans all the way to their limits and, boy do they get loud!

Putting on some good sound-isolating headphones does the trick to make you forget about the fans, though.

Adder WS Stress Testing

The score that I was able to get on 3D Mark without doing any overclocking or anything like that was 7353, which is pretty good when you remember that it’s a workstation laptop! Here’s the score card from 3d Mark:

Adder WS 3D Mark Score


You can check out the official page here:

It’d be great if you would check out System76 on their website and social medias:


Just for transparency, System76 didn’t pay me for these videos or reviews. They provided an Adder WS laptop for me to review and I’ll be shipping it back (unfortunately). All of the opinions are mine and aren’t influenced by System76.

Again, I want to thank System76 for letting me check out the Adder WS!


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