Elegoo Wooden Smart Mini Car

Elegoo Wooden Smart Mini Car – Part 1

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In this video we’ll take a look at the Elegoo Wooden Smart Car kit. The majority of this video will be the building of the car and then, at the end, we’ll drive it around in “RC” car mode.


This robot car kit has the following features:
– 4-wheel Arduino-based design
– IR Remote Control
– Bluetooth Remote Control
– Collision Avoidance
– Line Following
– Rechargeable LiPo batteries
– No soldering, drilling or cutting required

The car is made out of laser-cut wood and the precision of the cuts is amazing! The kit took me about an hour to put together and there were even a few extra pieces included just in case you drop a screw or a nut.

The Elegoo kit uses an Arduino NANO board along with a custom Elegoo board that everything plugs into for a bit more simplicity.

The is a beginner kit and there is no soldering or wiring to do. Everything has a place and everything goes together pretty easily.

The instruction sheet is HUGE and it has a black oval on the back to demonstrate the kit’s ability to track lines and follow them.

Because there are so many features of this kit, I’ll end up making a couple more videos so I can show more ways to interact with the car. Future videos will include the different ways to program the car and make it do some different things.

If you’re interested in more videos with different ways to interact with the Elegoo Wooden Smart Mini Car, please be sure to leave a comment letting me know. Or, if you can’t be bothered to leave a comment, hitting the thumbs up button only take a second and little to no brain power.

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