ChromeOS is Missing or Damaged

ChromeOS is Missing or Damaged Fixed!

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Getting the “ChromeOS is Missing or Damaged” screen when booting up your Chromebook is a terrible thing to have happen. Luckily fixing this problem only takes a few minutes and I’ll show you how in this video.

If you aren’t sure of the exact make and model of your Chromebook, you’ll need to flip over your Chromebook and find the exact make and model of your Chromebook via the stickers on the bottom. For the sake of this video, I’m using an Acer C720.

Getting Started

Next, you’ll need a USB drive or even an SD card reader (with an SD Card). I used the Kingston Digital 16GB Data Traveler (<–Amazon Affiliate Link) in this video

Plug in the USB device into a separate computer or laptop and open Chrome. This HAS to be done in Chrome.

Then, in Chrome, go to the Google Chrome Web Store via this link:

Then search for “Chromebook Recovery Utility“.

Or you can click this link and go directly to the App in the store:

Then you’ll want to install the Chromebook recovery App in Chrome. Once it’s installed, click “Launch app”.

The app will download the necessary file and verify the download. Then it will extract the files and write them to your USB device. Once it has written the files it will verify everything and you’ll be asked to remove the USB device.

Now you’ll go back to your Chromebook that should still have the “ChromeOS is Missing or Damaged” screen. Plug in the USB device and the Chromebook will reboot and begin the restoration process.

You’ll just want to hang out for a few minutes at this point. Once the process has completed, you’ll be prompted to remove the USB device and then the Chromebook should reboot and take you to the “Welcome!” screen where you’ll be able to login to your Chromebook again.


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