The GW-R86S-G3

The GW-R86S-G3: A 10 Gig Server That Fits in Your Pocket!

In Product Review by dbtech

This is the GW-R86S-G3 and was provided to me for review by Gowin Solutions.

This R86S has an Intel N6005 processor that runs at 2GHz base and 3.3GHz boost. It has 16GB of RAM and 128GB eMMC storage onboard, but supports an additional 2280 M.2 NVMe drive.

It has 3x 2.5GbE and 2x 10G SFP+ ports.

The R86S supports pretty much all x86/64 operating systems so you can do with it just about anything you might want.

It comes with OpenWRT installed by default, but I installed Windows 10 on it and it ran just fine. One thing I noticed, to no one’s surprise, is that the 128GB of onboard eMMC storage on it is quite a bit slower than the NVMe M.2 drive I put in it, so when I installed a new OS (OpenMediaVault 6), I installed the OS on the M.2 drive and set up the eMMC chip for storage and had much better results.

Another thing I noticed is that Windows didn’t recognize any of the network devices by default, so I had to go look up what controller the devices uses. I quickly found out that it uses the IntelĀ® Ethernet Controller I225-V and so I was albe to get the drivers from here.

On the other hand all of the Linux distros I tried on the device recognized the network controller even during the install process, so big win for Linux in that regard.

Several people commented on the video about how the processor wasn’t really suited for monitoring 10G network traffic, so for a full 10G setup, this might not be ideal for monitoring large amounts of data, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a 10G firewall or router device.

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