Xinfrared P2 Pro Thermal Camera

P2 Pro Thermal Camera from Xinfrared!

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Thanks to Xinfrared for sending over their P2 Pro Thermal camera for me to check out!


The packaging of the Xinfrared P2 Pro Thermal Camera is really well thought out and simple. The camera and macro lens are both held well in their respective boxes and there was basically nothing in the box that was unnecessary.

Most of the literature was in Chinese, but there was a QR code that took me to the Google Play store to download the required app on my phone. This was actually a nice change as I’ve often had to side-load apps for imported products.

You will need to enable OTG on your phone in order to get the camera to function, so be sure to look up the process for that based on your specific phone.

Once I had the app installed and OTG configured, the camera just worked as expected. There wasn’t a bunch of mucking around to get things configured. It was basically plug and play.

P2 Pro Images


The software is super easy to use and has some great features. For instance, you can change the color palette to one of several options. You can also take photos and videos using the camera’s phone as well as the P2 Pro for a picture-in-picture configuration.

You can also set the thermal units (C/F/K) that you want to use to register temperatures for your needs.

There are additional options for annotations and that sort of thing as your situation may require.

P2 Pro Specs

  • 256×192 pixel sensor
  • 25hz refresh rate
  • Magnetic macro lens attachment
  • iTemp accurate temp measurement for PCBs
  • All metal body
  • Supports data post analysis
  • -20~550°C temperature range
  • Mulitple color palette choices

My Thoughts on the P2 Pro

I’ve always wanted a thermal camera that I could just take with me, but the price was always a barrier to entry for me, but at the price Xinfrared has the P2 at, I really feel like this is a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak.

Buying a P2 Pro

If you’d like to pick up a P2 Pro for yourself, you can head over to their website and get one for yourself here!

Coupon Code: dbtechreviews

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