How To REMOVE Windows and Restore Your Chromebook

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Here’s how to REMOVE Windows 10 on a Chromebook in 2018! REMOVING Windows 10 from a Chromebook and restoring ChromeOS is actually pretty easy and only take a few minutes to prepare for.

You’ll need 3 USB thumb drives

  • The first USB drive will have the backed up ROM from the previous video.
  • The second USB will need to have Ubuntu on it.
  • The third USB will be a ChromeOS restore drive.

I show how to create the last 2 in this video.

Shut the Chromebook off and insert the Ubuntu USB drive and turn on the Chromebook.

Select the option to try Ubuntu without installing.

Once you’re on the desktop, open the terminal and run this command:

cd ~; curl -L -O && sudo bash

When prompted, select the option to restore the firmware. Then insert the USB with the backed up ROM.

Select the appropriate number in the options and let the Chromebook restore the original BIOS.

Once it’s done, remove all of the USB devices that are plugged in and reboot the Chromebook.

When the Chromebook is rebooted, you should get an error screen asking you to insert the ChromeOS recovery device. Insert the ChromeOS recovery USB and let it run until it’s done.

When it’s complete, you’ll be prompted to remove the USB device and you’re done.


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