How To Install Windows 10 On A Chromebook In 2019

In late 2018 I made a video about how to install Windows 10 on a Chromebook. The video was popular, but it missed several things and caused a fair amount of confusion. I made follow up videos that ended up leading people on a wild goose chase. I want to apologize for that so I created this new tutorial. It … Read More

Easiest Way To Download Different/Older Versions of Windows 10

In this video I’ll show how to download different versions of Windows 10 (or 8.1) super easy using a program called Rufus. You can download Rufus from In a previous video I show how to download older versions of Windows 10 from Microsoft using Edge and tricking Microsoft’s website into thinking you’re on a different device. This method is … Read More

How to Dual Boot a Chromebook with Linux and Windows 10

In this video we’ll look at how to dual boot Linux and Windows 10 on a Chromebook. Please keep in mind that dual booting a Chromebook was never meant to be a thing, so this is a kind of hacky way to do this. Some things to keep in mind when dual booting Linux and Windows 10 on a Chromebook: … Read More

How to Install Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi 3

In this video we’re going to be ridiculous and install Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi. There is no practical reason to install Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi (RPi) other than we can. It will be Windows 10 RT so that it’s compatible with the ARM processor in a Raspberry Pi 3b+. This is a long process and takes … Read More

How To REMOVE Windows and Restore Your Chromebook

Here’s how to REMOVE Windows 10 on a Chromebook in 2018! REMOVING Windows 10 from a Chromebook and restoring ChromeOS is actually pretty easy and only take a few minutes to prepare for. You’ll need 3 USB thumb drives The first USB drive will have the backed up ROM from the previous video. The second USB will need to have … Read More