DIY Desktop Tesla Coil

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I want to start broadening the content on this channel, so I picked up a DIY Desktop Tesla Coil.

I bought the “Geekcreit® DIY Mini Tesla Coil Module Unassembled 15W DC 15-24V 2A Plasma Speaker Electronic Kit” at BangGood for about $6 (or about $12 on Amazon) and it only took me about 30 minutes to put together. Make sure you pay attention to the polarity of the capacitors and LEDs when you install them. Also, there are 2 different types of MOSFETs in the kit and the PCB will be labeled with where each one goes.

The pictures in the BangGood and Amazon listings are pretty misleading as there is no electricity shooting out of it once it’s built as shown in the picture. I tried it from 3 volts all the way to 24 volts and, while things do change at different voltages, there’s still no electrical light show like they make you believe.

I also wanted to get this to help me practice soldering and, since this only has a few pieces in it, it is a pretty good kit to start with.

You can get one of these kits for yourself with the affiliate links below:


If you’re looking for a soldering station, this is close to the one I have:

X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS-ST:


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