How to Install Tautulli on OpenMediaVault 5 (OMV5)

How to Install Tautulli on OMV5

In this video we’ll take a look at how to install Tautulli on OpenMediaVault 5 (OMV5). We’ll use a standard method of installing via Containers and this will only take just a couple of minutes. To get started, login to your Portainer admin panel. Click on “local” and then click on “Containers”. Next, click on the blue “Add container” button … Read More

Install OpenMediaVault 4 and Plex Media Server on an old PC

Install openmediavault and Plex Media Server on an old PC

OpenMediaVault is a pretty amazing piece of free software that lets you install other applications like Plex Media Server to create a robust network attached storage device for much cheaper than you would be able to buy one for as you can install this on just about any old pc you have laying around. NOTE: Plex and Transmission aren’t being … Read More

Home Automation Upgrade with Wyze Plugs

Home automation should be easy and it is with Wyze plugs. Even though Wyze is relatively new to the game of hardware and home automation, but they are already doing several things right: 1. Wyze products are easy to setup and use either with the Wyze app or with your favorite home assistant app like Alexa or Google. 2. All … Read More

Elegoo Basic Starter Kit Unboxing & Project

The folks over at Elegoo reached out to me recently and asked if I would be interested in checking out their Basic Starter Kit. Since I already have the Super Starter Kit, I wanted to see what was in the basic kit. What’s In The Kit? The Basic kit is quite a bit smaller than the Super kit (as one … Read More

Turn off ANY TV with a TV B Gone!

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’ve got a neighbor who lives across the street from me and likes to scream at her TV until 11 o’clock at night when football season is going on. Let’s say you’re going out to dinner and some jagoff has cranked the TV in the restaurant up so they can hear whatever sportsball show is on. … Read More

MotionEyeOS Cameras Not Showing in Chrome


While doing some research into what my next video should be, I noticed in my YouTube analytics that my first MotionEyeOS video is still in my top 5 videos for the last month. So I decided to see about making a follow up video on it. After I setup my Raspberry Pi 3b+ with MotionEyeOS, I logged in and added … Read More

DIY Desktop Tesla Coil

I want to start broadening the content on this channel, so I picked up a DIY Desktop Tesla Coil. I bought the “Geekcreit┬« DIY Mini Tesla Coil Module Unassembled 15W DC 15-24V 2A Plasma Speaker Electronic Kit” at BangGood for about $6 (or about $12 on Amazon) and it only took me about 30 minutes to put together. Make sure … Read More