Wiki.js Installed on Docker

Wiki.js Installed on Docker

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In this post we’ll look at how to install Wiki.js on your Docker Setup.

Wiki.js’s website says it is “The most powerful and extensible open source Wiki software”.

To install Wiki.js, copy the following into a Portainer stack:

There is something to note here: There’s a chance that you’ll get a permissions issue when you try to run the install after the container deploys. But we’ll come back to that.

Once you copy the data over to the stack, adjust the volumes to reflect your setup. Then click “Deploy the container”.

After the container has deployed, you can go to http://your-server-address:3000

Fill in the boxes and click “next”. There’s a good change that you’ll get an error message saying that the script doesn’t have permission to create some folders. If you get that, go back to your Portainer stack and change the PUID and PGID to 0 and then re-deploy the container.

Once the container re-deploys, go back to the Wiki.js install screen and refresh the page. Now you should be able to complete the install.

It’s advised to change the PUID and PGID back to 998/100 (or whatever your IDs are) after the install is complete for security reasons. You should never run a Docker container with the server’s root credentials.

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