Dockge: A New Way To Manage Your Docker Containers

Dockge: A New Way To Manage Your Docker Containers

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Dockge is a self-hosted Docker stack manager, designed to offer a simple and clean interface for managing multiple Docker compose files. It has been developed by the same individual responsible for creating Uptime Kuma, a popular software for monitoring uptime.

Dockge is described as an easy-to-use, and reactive self-hosted manager that is focused on Docker compose.yaml stack orientation. It features an interactive editor for compose.yaml, an interactive web terminal, and a reactive UI where everything is responsive, including real-time progress and terminal output. 

It allows for the management of compose.yaml files, including creating, editing, starting, stopping, restarting, and deleting, as well as updating Docker images. The user interface is designed to be easy to use and visually appealing, especially for those who appreciate the UI/UX of Uptime Kuma. 

Additionally, Dockge can convert docker run … commands into compose.yaml and maintains a file-based structure, meaning that compose files are stored on the user’s drive as usual and can be interacted with using normal docker compose commands​​.

The motivation behind Dockge’s development includes dissatisfaction with existing solutions like Portainer, especially regarding stack management. Challenges with Portainer included issues like indefinite loading times when deploying stacks and unclear error messages. The developer initially planned to use Deno or Bun.js for Dockge’s development but ultimately decided on Node.js due to lack of support for arm64 in the former technologies​​.

In summary, Dockge is a versatile and user-friendly tool for managing Docker stacks, offering a responsive and interactive environment for Docker compose file management. Its development was driven by a desire to improve upon existing tools in terms of usability and clarity.

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