How to Dual Boot a Chromebook with Linux and Windows 10

In this video we’ll look at how to dual boot Linux and Windows 10 on a Chromebook. Please keep in mind that dual booting a Chromebook was never meant to be a thing, so this is a kind of hacky way to do this. Some things to keep in mind when dual booting Linux and Windows 10 on a Chromebook: … Read More

Forget Discord and Setup Your Own Chat Server

Getting Started To get started with your own chat server, you’ll need a few things: A domain name A DigitalOcean account Putty Desktop Application Setup First, you’ll want to setup the Digital Ocean droplet with the following settings: – Ubuntu (whatever the most recent version is) – Standard Plan – Choose the Billing/CPU/RAM/Storage settings that fit your needs – Backups … Read More

How To: Install Ubuntu on Chromebook and REMOVE ChromeOS

If you want to install Ubuntu on your Chromebook and remove Chrome OS, this tutorial is for you. This is not a dual boot. This will REPLACE ChromeOS with Ubuntu. THIS WILL DELETE EVERYTHING FROM YOUR CHROMEBOOK. Instructions were taken from these locations: /=========================================/ What you’ll need: – Chromebook (I’m using the Acer C720) – Live Linux USB … Read More

How To Install Gitlab On Ubuntu 16.04

As a website or app developer, you’ll want to use some sort of code repository and versioning system to help keep your life a little more sane while you’re developing. In this video I’ll show you how to install GitLab 11.0.3-ee on a virtualized Ubuntu 16.04 setup. While installing GitLab on Ubuntu isn’t terribly difficult, it IS a bit time … Read More

How To: Install Ubuntu on a Chromebook

THIS WILL DELETE EVERYTHING FROM YOUR CHROMEBOOK. If you want to do more with your Chromebook and install Ubuntu Linux on it, this tutorial should get you going. You’ll need to enable developer mode in order to do this, but once that is done, you only have to enter a couple of commands to get Ubuntu installed on your Chromebook. … Read More

How To Install Skype on Ubuntu

Someone watched my video on how to install Skype on Kali Linux and asked me to show how to install Skype on Ubuntu. Here’s a video on how to do that. Download the install file from here: You can also run the install via the terminal like this: Open Terminal Type in: sudo apt-get install skypeforlinux and press “Enter” … Read More