How to Install Tautulli on OpenMediaVault 5 (OMV5)

How to Install Tautulli on OMV5

In this video we’ll take a look at how to install Tautulli on OpenMediaVault 5 (OMV5). We’ll use a standard method of installing via Containers and this will only take just a couple of minutes. To get started, login to your Portainer admin panel. Click on “local” and then click on “Containers”. Next, click on the blue “Add container” button … Read More

Openmediavault 5 Complete Install and Setup with Portainer on PC

Setup OpenMediaVault on an Old PC

OpenMediaVault is a pretty amazing piece of free software that lets you install other applications like Plex Media Server to create a robust network attached storage device for much cheaper than you would be able to buy one for as you can install this on just about any old pc you have laying around. Materials First things first, here’s what … Read More

6k Subs Milestone Announcement!

A while back I asked you guys on my Community Tab what kinds of things you’d be interested in seeing on here. 48% of you asked for a DB Tech Discord server 17% asked for livestreams 14% asked for gorums on my website 14% asked for something else 7% asked for merch At the time of recording this, I have … Read More

How to Upgrade Chromebook Hard Drive, SSD, or M.2

In this video we’ll look at How to Upgrade Chromebook Storage. Upgrading Chromebook storage is easy, but there are some caveats: Not all Chromebooks can be upgraded. Not all Chromebooks use an M.2 drive. Some Chromebooks may use SSDs. Some Chromebooks may use other sizes (in dimensions) of drives. When you do this, you’ll lose the data on your device, … Read More

Gamdias Achilles P1 RGB Gaming Chair Review!

Gamdias was awesome enough to send over the Gamdias Achilles P1 RGB Gaming Chair for me to review and I’m SUPER happy with this chair. Putting it together is pretty straightforward as long as you know that the 4 screws that look a little different go in the side to hold the back in, you’re good to go. Everything else … Read More

How To Support DB Tech

Putting out the kinds of videos I do takes time and resources. The links on the website will take you to websites that you can use and help the DB Tech YouTube channel. Website: Direct Links: Instant Support: PayPal: Ko-fi: Support but with a month of delay: Patreon: Amazon: /=========================================/ Remember to leave a … Read More

Backing Up motionEye to Google Drive

In this video we’re going to take a look at Backing Up motionEye to Google Drive. The process is actually REALLY simple, but it’s a bit repetitive. Once you have your cameras setup, you’ll want to make sure you’re logged into your MAIN Raspberry Pi. This is where you will be administering all of your cameras. Go to the top … Read More