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How To: Install Ubuntu on a Chromebook

In Tutorials, Ubuntu, Video by dbtech

THIS WILL DELETE EVERYTHING FROM YOUR CHROMEBOOK. If you want to do more with your Chromebook and install Ubuntu Linux on it, this tutorial should get you going. You’ll need to enable developer mode in order to do this, but once that is done, you only have to enter a couple of commands to get Ubuntu installed on your Chromebook. …

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ChromeOS is Missing or Damaged Fixed!

In Chromebooks, Tutorials, Video by dbtech

Getting the “ChromeOS is Missing or Damaged” screen when booting up your Chromebook is a terrible thing to have happen. Luckily fixing this problem only takes a few minutes and I’ll show you how in this video. If you aren’t sure of the exact make and model of your Chromebook, you’ll need to flip over your Chromebook and find the …

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Giandel 300W Power Inverter Review

In Product Review, Video by dbtech

With the Giandel 300W Power Inverter I was able to power/charge a Chromebook and a cell phone at the same time and it wasn’t enough of a draw on the device to even turn on the fans. As a result, its operation was completely silent! The inverter has about a 2 feet (.6 meters) wire to plug it into a …